About Me

My images must be much more than records. I want each final work to evoke the same emotions and impact in the viewer that the scene had on me.

Dan Miller has been a fine art photographer for more than 40 years. Photographing stunning infrared, black & white, and color images that include: cityscapes, National Park panoramas, wildlife photography, current and ancient architecture, figures, and portraits.

He shoots both digital and film, using large format film for black & white. He converted his first DSLR to shoot infrared (IR) similar in concept to black & white, the IR camera sees light differently blocking out most of the visible light spectrum. IR images can seem similar to Black and white, but have a soft warm tone.

He has over 10 years success as a commercial photographer - shooting weddings, portraits, and product photography. Many of the current images were made using HDR and multi-image panoramas.

He was a part-time instructor at the Creative Camera Studio in Santa Clara CA where he provided hands on instruction in several studio workshops including: Composition and the Art of Seeing, Table Top Lighting, and Workshop Lighting the Nude Figure, as well as, field workshops in California and southern Oregon.

Dan moved to Spokane in November 2009. Dan enjoys looking at old stuff, hiking, and recently took up scuba diving (yes, he took a camera underwater). He has two grown children who live in CA.

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